Food Loss and Waste: A Quick Guide to Understanding the FLW Standard

This post first appeared on  Banana peels. Oversized apples. Mislabeled packaged goods. In different circles, these products might be considered ‘food waste’, yet in others, they might represent a meal or an input for value-added processing. Awareness of the food waste problem has increased tremendously, catalyzing action from the private, public, and civil sectors… Read more »

3 New Trends to Cut Food Loss and Waste

By Brian Lipinski, WRI The world is finally waking up to its food loss and waste problem. No surprise: about a third of the planet’s food is lost or wasted, at a global cost of nearly a trillion dollars, with a monstrous environmental footprint including land, water, fertilizer and greenhouse gas emissions. This dawning awareness… Read more »

Can We Really Cut Food Waste in Half?

By Liz Goodwin, WRI It was disappointing to see recent figures from the United Kingdom showing that household food waste is on the rise again (although per capita waste is still roughly constant). The UK became a world leader in curbing food waste when, from 2007 to 2012, its households cut the amount of edible… Read more »