The Scope of a Food Loss and Waste Inventory

In this webinar, we provide guidance on describing the scope of your food loss and waste inventory by using the language in the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard (FLW Standard). We also provide examples that include an interpretation of which material types and destinations count for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals’ Target 12.3.

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Resources to Help Use the FLW Standard

In this webinar, we guide you through the resources available on the FLW Protocol website that make it easier for you to measure and report food loss and waste and use the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Report Standard (FLW Standard) to do so.

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The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste & Introduction to FLW Standard

This two-part webinar introduced participants to new research on behalf of Champions 12.3, which lays out a compelling business case for private and public sector leaders to reduce food loss and waste.

In the second half, we provided an overview of the FLW Standard and how it can be used to help companies, governments and others to measure and report on their food loss and waste.

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