Updates to the FLW Standard (v1.1 published April 2021):

The FLW Protocol Steering Committee has announced a set of minor changes to the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard: What has changed? The guidance for how food and/or inedible parts converted into biodiesel and other biofuel products should be reported has been updated. These products are no longer included as examples under… Read more »

New resources and case studies

Happy 2020! There are some new resources available at the FLW Protocol site. Under the Tools and Resources section, there are a number of new pieces of guidance available on: overcoming resistance to measurement excluding the weight of packaging from the weight of FLW prioritizing which crops to focus on at the production level Also… Read more »

Rethinking the Buffet: 3 Things Hotels Can Do Now to Reduce Food Waste

By Austin Clowes, WRI Imagine that you’ve just stumbled down to a hotel’s dining area in the morning, groggy and desperate for caffeine. You might have a presentation to give for work, or maybe you’re herding your extended family. You may even be on a relaxing weekend getaway.

Building a Business Case to Take Action Against Food Waste

This post originally appeared on The Consumer Goods Forum’s blog.  Over the last few years, there has been rapid growth in awareness and acknowledgment of the global food waste problem. Numerous reports and research papers provide statistics on the quantity of food – estimated at a third of what is produced for human consumption – that goes… Read more »

We Have a Collective Responsibility to Halve Food Loss and Waste

This article originally appeared on the Thompson Reuters Foundation and Zilient websites. Despite the central role food plays in all of our lives, we let a great deal of it go to waste. About one-third of all food produced in the world goes uneaten each year – a fact that harms our climate, costs the global economy billions of… Read more »