Two FLW Tools to Know

  • The Food Waste Atlas, developed by World Resources Institute and WRAP, is the world’s first global repository of food loss and waste data. It enables governments, companies, and researchers around the globe to find and report data on food loss and waste across the entire food supply chain. You can search by food type, country, and stage in the supply chain.
  • The Food Loss and Waste Value Calculator, created by Quantis as part of WBCSD’s FReSH program, gives you a snapshot of the environmental and nutritional impacts associated with the loss and waste of different types of food. This insight can help you prioritize different food loss and waste streams.
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Guidance for Retailers: Why & How to Measure Food Waste (Part 2)

In this webinar we will:

  • Explore in greater detail some of the food waste quantification challenges retailers face
  • Discuss further how to apply a product-level approach to food waste quantification
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Guidance for Retailers: Why & How to Measure Food Waste

Reducing food waste can help retailers save money, engage customers and build a better business. But for many the question is, where and how to get started? This upcoming webinar will help provide some answers, focusing on quantifying food waste in retail operations.

WRI and Anthesis Consulting will discuss:

  • Common quantification approaches,
  • Steps for retailers to take in creating a food waste inventory, and
  • Benefits from doing so.

You will also learn how to apply the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard, and hear how various retailers are approaching measurement.

Following the presentation, you will have the option to participate or listen in on a short question & answer session.

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