Sample Reporting Template

About this template:

  • This template helps users record and report the results of inventories conducted using the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard (FLW Standard), Version 1.0.
  • It includes items an entity is required to report to be in conformance with the FLW Standard.
  • Other items are recommended in the standard but not all are included in this template since they are not required (for further details see Chapter 13 of the FLW Standard). Those included are marked as “optional” in the template and shaded in gold.
  • This is a sample reporting form. An entity may use any format to report FLW provided it contains all the reporting requirements (see Table 4.1 in the FLW Standard). An entity may also modify this template to suit its needs.

Download the template now: 

Sample Reporting Template for FLW Standard